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!!! Knock-Our-Blocks !!!

If you are 65 years of age or older, and have been a TANJ member for three consecutive years or more, we are now offering a special reduced Senior Lifetime TANJ Membership cost of $200. Prospective members for this special offer must first contact TANJ President Gerry DeCaro ~ Gerry "Doc" DeCaro - "El Presidente at Large"

Check the TANJ Classifieds for good deals!

Dear TANJ members & Friends of the Bow,

We like to thank everyone that attended our 28th Annual Cabin Fever back in February at Black Knights. It was a complete success with over 220 registered shooters, what a great day many stayed and shot to dusk. Our long sleeve shirts were a complete sellout over 66 sold incredible we thank you.
BKB / TANJ council members Jerry Mindurski & Rich Lopez set up another incredible 3D course completely different than last year. They spent a few weeks setting up the course we had over 63 3D targets. There was also two work parties two weeks prior and the Saturday before. Would you believe over 26 BKB & TANJ working as one team preparing the BKB club after the winter season.

This past weekend was our 8th Annual March Madness hosted by Obissquasoit Archery. TANJ board member Pete Onesti as promised and his members set up a outstanding 3D 40 target course. His members are working the entire weekend nonstop making sure everyone is enjoying themselves. Many attended over the two days with family & friends, then on Sunday at High Noon Obiss ran their famous archery skill events for both stickbow & compound alike. My OnCore 2D Big Foot Face target game with a breakable clay target on top was a big sell out for Traditional shooters. We would personally like to thank Pete Onesti President & Charlie Myers VP for their very kind donation to TANJ at the end of the day. We tip our back quiver to both of these men non better.

On April 2nd & 3rd we will be hosting our 4th Annual Traditional Archery Society 3D Northern Regional Bowhunters 3D Championship at Black Knights. Anyone can enter and win its very easy just shoot your game. If anyone intends to compete email me for the new updated Registration form & 2022 rules. Please fill it out bring with you at 8a.m.

You will shoot 40 targets on Saturday then immediately following a Team & Championship event. Then on Sunday at 9a.m. all classes will shoot only 20 targets for the Regional Championship. A hot breakfast & lunch will be available.

Whittingham Traditional Rendezvous back on the following weekend dates April 8th, 9th & 10th. But sad to say "no camping "allowed due to a NJ State mandate.

We will have our normal table inside the Red Barn and happy to say we will have our Annual TANJ members meeting Saturday April 9th at 11:30- 12:30. . Please try to attend we need your support and input. We also looking for a few members to step up, since we have a few vacancies on our executive board & jobs to fill.

Thank You,
Gerry "Doc" De Caro
El Presidente

John Provenzale
Vice President

2022 Cabin Fever Crew


More 2022 Shoots!

We, the Traditional Archers of NJ & WaXoBe Archery Club, appreciate your kind donations, making this years St. Jude 3D Classic, which was held on Sunday September 26th, another spectacular event.

Gerry DeCaro
Traditional Archers NJ

Tony Sansone
WaXoBe Archery Club


This morning around 7a.m. on Tuesday November 9th, 2021, I shot this buck in Pennsylvania on my private land used a TBow. It was a 17yd chip shot and Zwicky Black Diamond 4 blade sweet success as always. We decided to take a selfie for my TANJ organization.

Joe Pica
TANJ ~ Pennsylvania Chapter


It was good speaking to you today and enjoyed our conversation.

My friends are happy that I am still bowhunting at my age especially from a tree stand and shooting deer.

I love and shoot a Mike Robin's (N.J bowyer) famous "Tank Killer" long bow, 66" and 46#, with a Zwickey Black Diamond 125gr two blade.

I'm a 79 1/2 yr old TANJ Traditional Bowhunter and still compete throughout the state indoor and outdoors.

I shot this deer in the Jenny Jump Mountains and was with my bow hunting buddy Ray Reid, the trad killingest guy I ever met - in fact when deer see him in the woods they just fall down! LOL!

John "Lefty" Bottone
Hamburg, NJ

TANJ member Dan Afanso his first traditional buck bowhunting today Oct 19th, 2021 Jackson NJ. Dan used his Great Plains Rio Bravo 42# 200 gr. VPA 3 blade Easton Bloodline 480 with 75 gr. brass insert . Dan and his daughter Regan are active members in the United Bowhunters of NJ UBNJ. They both attend our TANJ events helping and this year recently joined Black Knight Bowbenders.

Attn: TANJ members and friends of the Bow

Two outstanding events in September ~ Save the Dates Now!

The Black Knight Bowbenders "Year Ender" this Sunday September 12th , 2021
Shoot until you drop we will be there for your sensational hot breakfast, coffee & hot lunch too. Oxygen will be available just in case you start to get winded after 2nd round of " 85 target" 3D's lol we're not leaving before you!

Then two weeks later:
The 7th Annual Traditional Archers NJ TANJ St. Jude Childrens Research Hospital 3D Classic Sunday September 26th, 2021 but at WaXoBe Archery Club hot breakfast coffee lunch available. Many silent auction items door prizes it's for the kids they need your support.

Doc DeCaro
El Presidente

John Provenzale
Vice President

Last week during the Black Knight's May meeting I presented two Frank Suke custom antler neck knives to TANJ council members Jerry "Porky" Mindurski & Rich "Doc II" Lopez. Both members over the the last few years have gone above the call of duty keeping the traditional flame burning in New Jersey representing our organization. They almost single handlely built a Traditional Only 3D range with 41 3D targets at Black Knight located behind the clubs rear parking lot.

This 3D range is open to the public every Thursday for a small nominal fee until September.

Jerry & Rich were also instrumental co-chairing and helping merun our ever popular Cabin Fever, Traditional Archery Society TAS Regional Championship & our famous Last Man Standing at Bigfoot at BKB, where would we be without them?

We tip our backquivers to both of them.

Doc DeCaro
El Presidente
Traditional Archers of NJ

TANJ member Eric Morente from Hitman Archery is having serious health issues. He contracted COVID and was hospitalized. While recovering from COVID, he contracted a serious form of bronchial pneumonia. He was put into ICU, where he suffered a stroke and went into a coma. He was in ICU for over two months. He is now out of ICU. He is wheel chair bound and has to learn how to walk all over gain. We are raising money to help offset his huge medical bills and to help him get back on his feet on his long, long road to recovery. If you like to donate:


If you are not a Facebook user and want to make donation, make out to TANJ c/o Eric Morente on bottom of check mail to -
Gerry DeCaro
20 Spruce Drive
Middletown NJ 07748

This coming weekend the 2nd Annual TAS Traditional Archery Society/ T.A.N.J. Traditional Archers of NJ Northern Regional Bowhunters 3D Championship. This is the only TAS Championship that will be held in Northern tier of the U.S.

Anyone can enter , this is a Traditional Only Bow Shoot the entire weekend.

You do not have to pre-register . Anyone can win. If you like a set of rules via email please contact us.

Registration opens at 8 a.m. On Saturday & Sunday our practice range will be open.

Shooters will be sent out in special groups starting at 9 a.m . As always BKB will have hot breakfast & hot lunch available. You must shoot Saturday 40 3D to qualify for Sundays Championship Round 20 targets on Sunday for TAS Belt Buckle, 2nd & 3rd place awards.

Lodging, Hotels & Camping near by:
Black Knights Club
656 Perrineville Road,
Jackson NJ 08527

Due to a Covid snafu (dont even ask) the new date for TANJ Cabin Fever is Sunday February 21st 2021.
Rain date will be February 28th 2021

Nuff Said,

TANJ members love their new vests!

Chris Errikson, a BKB/TANJ/UBNJ member and owner of World Class Taxidermy, shot this buck in Missouri this morning with his Traditional Bob Lee bow.

TANJ member Ron Swartz son Eathan Dutch is now proudly serving in the Marines. We wish him well and thank him for his service. Ron is the owner of KME Knife Sharpener Co. and a Denton Hill Eagle Eye Grand Champion a few years back. KME Knife Sharpener Co. has been a TANJ premier sponsor at many of our past TANJ events for over past 15 years.

Ron, Eathan, Bernice, & Kyle Swartz

TANJ member Ken VanBramer shot his first traditional deer. He was a student of mine last year saying he wanted to learn to Bowhunt by 2020. So we practiced and Ken was so devoted and he also practiced every chance he had at his home. I was so happy when I received his picture this week of his deer with his Martin Saber 55# bow.

Doc DeCaro

TANJ member Jim Ellis Sr ~ Traditional NJ Bear

TANJ Council member Santo Armano got this beautiful wide rack PA buck this weekend.
(October 17/18 2020)

TANJ member Dan Afonso doe taken with a Great Plains Rio Bravo bow.

TANJ member Vinny Mancini of Cheyenne Mtn and his doe taken with a Black Widow. He told me today during the first indoor SFAA event at the Eckman Range how he loved our Stop The Drop arrow holder and was impressed how it performed.

Veteran TANJ member Jim Ellis Sr shot this awesome buck in NJ during the 2020 Fall Bow Season - look at its rack. Look at the mass body weight, incredible. That's his good luck back quiver - nice Jim!

We, the Traditional Archers of NJ & WaXoBe Archery Club would like to thank everyone that attended our 6th Annual St Jude 3D Classic yesterday. The day started out rainy & foggy but then around 10am the sun came out and cars were starting to roll in, thank God.

What a great turnout everyone social distancing and wearing face coverings before going to shoot on the outdoor ranges. We'd like to thank all our sponsors who have already received a letter of appreciation thanking them for their donations. A few people that I spoke to weeks before the event did not think that we would match what we sent to St Jude because of Covid pandemic and they were wrong. We surpassed what we collected thanks to every ones generous donations. Through out the day, Dads, Moms, kid,s many families, friends, all loving the WaXoBe outdoor 3D ranges. We limited groups to four and many adhered to the rule.

We donate all proceeds collected that day from the registration, kitchen and silent auction items to St. Jude. Everyone was handed a free St Jude t-shirt for attending . We had plenty to hand out to everyone. I'd like to thank my contact, Teresa Jackson at St Jude, for an outstanding job she does every year helping me set up this event and sending the giveaways, as always they were well received.

We are already planning the 7th Annual St Jude 3D Classic which will be on the SFAA NJ State Archery Association 2021 Calendar by the end of the month for Sunday September 26th. 2021.

Save the Date Now!

God Bless everyone and may God protect all the children fighting cancer and their families.

Gerry "Doc" DeCaro
President Co- Chairman
The Traditional Archers of NJ

John Provenzale
Vice President
The Traditional Archers of NJ

Larry Richards
President Co-Chairman
WaXoBe Archery Range and Club

TANJ members and Friends of the Bow

The Traditional Archers of NJ sent a donation to Tony Velez's family in memory of a member. Today we received this beautiful thank you from his wife Vicky and his parents.

I also have been receiving a few more donations last few weeks and forwarded them to his family as promised. One came from a member stationed in Hawaii and shot with Tony at Black Knights during our Cabin Fever a few years ago.

It's not to late to send a donation if you like just make a check out to Vicky Velez and send it to me along with a kind note about Tony. They have many medical bill's to pay after his courageous battle over the last two years.

Any donations that are sent are not opened I just resend direct to his family. If you want to just send directly and need his families address you can just email, text or message me.

God Bless our members
Be Safe Wear a Mask

Doc DeCaro
El Presidente

Dear Gerry DeCaro
Traditional Archers of NJ

I personally want to thank you for your kind donation of mask retainers to our nurse force now working the front lines. Although we are not all working in the office together currently due to COVID-19, once we will return to office as a group , I will distribute to the RN’s I work with which should be in the near future.

Your organizations kindness and remembrance of nurses are so appreciated.

Thank you,
Carolann Castelli,RNC BSN
High Risk OB Case Manager
Clinical Solutions Team
Islin, NJ

LMS Knife donated by the Traditional Archers of N.J.

This is the Last Man Standing 1st Place Award for this Sunday which will be held at Black Knights Big Foot weekend event the Competition starts at High Noon. Anyone can win man or women how good are you?

The blade is hand hammered 1095 high carbon steel forged by Dirty Dog Knifeworks. Handle is stacked Osage and Mottled Mahogany with brass pins. Sheath is done in the foldover style from sueded 5oz leather and stained a rich brown. Handle and sheath were done by Warpath Archery.

"Hi TANJ Membership, Today, my husband Reg & I received a beautiful basket full of Wolferman's baked goods, coffee, jellies from TANJ as a thank you for my art donations throughout the years to support our organization and also in honor of our 57 years together.

I texted Gerry DeCaro and told him how surprised and how nice it was to be honored by the TANJ organization.

Doc replied that it was a thank you for all of the years of donations to the club with my art items and prints. Reg and I are honored that all of you like my art and as long as I'm around, I'll make sure that print donations keep coming to help support your great club and really great members.

Thank you, God bless you all, good health and great hunting!!! Be Safe.

Irene & Reg Bowers,
Bowers Wildlife Studio."


These Covid-19 face mask are made of soft fabric. They expand as you can see even over my 10 week untrimmed beard. A very comfortable fit, I have a follow up 2 more styles and the neat plastic holder. They are only $15 each money going to our TANJ Charity Fund. Contact me PayPal or Check only.

Doc - TANJ Mask

Gerry DeCaro
Traditional Archers of N.J

We like to thank you and your membership for your very kind donation on behalf of our Chef Dan organization. The nurses really appreciated the food your donation provided for them.

Your donation along with others are helping our team make a difference on the front line fighting to care for those in New Jersey fighting Covid 19 in our hospitals at the present time. In the last few weeks alone we personally cooked and delivered hundreds of lunches and dinners.

Chef Daniel D'Alessio l Chef/Owner
C: 908-461-5713


Our TANJ will be making a donation to Chef Dan LLC. His group has been working along with some very generous people to help collect donations/ & especially cooking lunches and dinners for the doctors nurses in the hospitals along with EMT & Police Dept throughout NJ State. They are able to feed doctors ,nurses emt & police for about $6 dollars per meal.

Samantha, owner of SDELLOOO GLAM, a mobile beauty service, is using her time off from work along with Dan during the pandemic for the greater good! Samantha has been collecting donations to purchase supplies such as masks, gloves, baby monitors, and other PPE for the front line workers! She has also been putting together care packs for all of the nurses (hair ties, hand cream, headbands, candy, snacks, lip balm, pens, etc.). However, the main part of the donations are spent towards feeding the health heroes with Dan Da'Lessio & Samantha been preparing meals for hundreds of health heroes every week! The front line workers truly love the donated meals.Yesterday alone they prepared 80 lunches and dinners for various Hospital's EMT, & Police Dept.

God Bless Them All,
Doc DeCaro
Traditional Archers of N.J.


My Uncle Gerry asked what can his archery clubs and organizations do to help out during this Corona pandemic? If you look on Face Book or Instagram you will see videos of what we are doing. Today alone we made 80 lunches and or dinners that we will be delivering throughout NJ alone.

We hope you are holding up well during these interesting times. I have been working with some very generous people to help collect donations/cook for the nurses in the hospitals. Please take a minute and read below to see more in detail what we are doing, and if you have any money to spare, no donation is too small. We are able to feed a nurse for about $6 dollars per meal, so anything goes a long way!

Samantha, owner of SDELLOOO GLAM, a mobile beauty service, is using her time off from work during the pandemic for the greater good! Samantha has been collecting donations to purchase supplies such as masks, gloves, baby monitors, and other PPE for the front line workers! She has also been putting together care packs for all of the nurses (hair ties, hand cream, headbands, candy, snacks, lip balm, pens, etc.). However, the main part of the donations are spent towards feeding the health heroes! Samantha and I have teamed up, and I have been preparing meals for hundreds of health heroes every week! The front line workers truly love the donated meals. It boosts their morale, and takes the edge off of having to prepare meals during this tragic time. They are so busy, many say if it weren’t for Samantha and Me “ we would have never eaten today.”

This fundraiser is very near and dear to Samantha’s heart. Her sister is on the front lines as a nurse in a fully dedicated unit to COVID-19. She understands tremendously what each health care worker is feeling, and how donations and acts of kindness such as these mean the world to each and every health hero!

If you are interested in donating, please submit donations via Venmo, PayPal, or Zelle to:

Venmo: Samantha-Mondello
PayPal: SamanthaLmondello@gmail.com
Zelle: SamanthaLmondello@gmail.com

No donation is too small!

If you like to only a check please contact my Uncle Gerry on his email dadocman47@gmail.com and or text him (732) 673 2065 he will then tell you who to make the check out to . We are not not for profit but just trying to help those that are on the front line 24/7 non stop.

Please write in the Venmo caption “donations for Glam and Dan“

Keep up on Instagram and Facebook to see all of the health hero’s we are feeding every day.


Stay healthy! God Bless!

XO Samantha Mondello
Chef Dan


To: Traditional Archers of New Jersey
Gerry De Caro

We would like to thank you for your generous donation to our foundation. It is greatly appreciated.

Dennis Mc Ginnis
President, Jason’s Dreams for Kids
20 Monmouth Street
Red Bank, NJ 07701


We lost TANJ Member John "Dipper Douglas to the virus last week.


What a great guy, always spent time with us at our table, spoke for hours.

Dear TANJ members and Friends of the Bow,

We hope everyone is healthy and safe. There are several updates that affect us particularly two events have been cancelled. The Whittingham Traditional shoot is one. See below note from Appalachian Bowmen:

"Our Whittingham Traditional Rendezvous for April 17th, 18th & 19th was officially cancelled by NJ Fish & Wildlife. As we know the Coronavirus is peaking at the present time and we need to protect ourselves. Our summer shoot is still happening on August 15th and 16th. Please come join us. If you have any questions please call or email Appalachian Bowmen of Sussex County"

Thank You
Chris Hume
Appalachian Bowmen

We hope that they can reschedule the Whittingham 3D event in August and if so we will be there to support our sister club as we have in the past.

Additionally, we were asked to cancel our upcoming Traditional Archery Society / TANJ Northern Regional Bowhunter Championship which was slated for April 4th & 5th at Black Knight Bowbenders due to safety concerns . We hopefully will reschedule at a later date. We had many request from neighboring states from competitor's that were planning on attending.

PLEASE check out our new TANJ merchandise HERE

Thank You,

Gerry " Doc " DeCaro

John Provenzale
Vice President

Traditional Archers of N.J

Lucky day for new TANJ member Larry D. Ball with his 50# Damon Howatt Diablo Super Elite. He scored two pheasants with his bow, along with his German shorthair "Gretel". They where on his club's property in Sussex County Wantage Township, his arrows where Aluminum 2117 flu flu that Mike "Mountain Man" Bush custom made with Judo Points.

The Sussex Tech Vocational School Sparta NJ held their 8th Annual Wild Game Dinner which was attended by 400+ . When we arrived we saw the gymnanisym was packed from one end to the other. It was a incredible sea of camo families along with friends who cared to attend to help support the schools NASP National Archery in School Archery program and school scholarship programs.

The kids that attend the tech school cooking course we found out cooked and served all the game and many died dishes along with the archery club members .There was also a Bakery shop store located on the way to the great hall that had every pastry cakes donuts for sale $9 to fill a huge box.

A few hours later on the way home some Canoli's never made it home after a quick stop at Dunkin Donuts coffee for the long trip back home to the Flatland Country It was over 8 years ago the TANJ, UBNJ & Appalachian Bowmen of Sussex and a few other organizations donated over $3500 to help purchase archery equipment and start their in school NASP program . During the night our TANJ organization happily made a donation to their NASP archery club continuing our commitment.

Thank you,
Doc DeCaro
TANJ - Proud President

From the Forest - Joel Riotto on black bear bowhunting and archery

TANJ Members & Friends of the Bow

We have many request and they are back in stock but have a limited supply of our famous Army type wire short brim TANJ hats with American flag side panel great for bowhunting or- 3D these are $20 + $5 shipping

We have our Cabin Fever long sleeve logo shirts normally $25 now only $15 + $5 shipping.

Just email me and then send check made out to TANJ . We have many sizes and these as you know from the past years can be washed and placed in a dryer they do not shrink our best seller.

Thank you,
Doc DeCaro
El Presidente

TANJ Members and Friends of the Bow

TANJ Fall Sale our Wine colored Cabin Fever long sleeve shirts with our TANJ man walking logo on back are now only $15 + $5 shipping usually $25 -$27.These shirts are so comfortable they can be washed and thrown in a dryer time and time again they don't shrink unlike most shirts. If you like to order before they are all gone please send a check made out to TANJ and your size. Sorry No Pay Pal or CC.

Mail check to ...

Gerry DeCaro
clo shirts
20 Spruce Drive
Middletown NJ 07748
(732) 673 2065 cell

They will also be available on Sunday September 8th during the Obissoquoit Frank Sims Spectacular. This a great shoot they will have 14 moving novelty targets on one of their regular ranges for the Traditional Archers.

Gerry "Doc" DeCaro
TANJ El Presidente

Rich Hardt (center) with his sons RJ and EJ, showin' off their new Bigfoot t-shirts!

BKB , GSA , TANJ member Horace Eckman 90 and still enjoying shooting archery! He received a honorary award from the SFAA NJ Field Archery Association at Garden State Archers Club.

Last Man Standing BKB Sunday July 21st

Here are names not the scores only because after each round all scores go back to O so no running total.

This event was during the hottest day in the last 8 years was hovering around 112 degrees.

Last Man Standing Winner - Demetris Grigoropoulos

Custom LMS Knife Builder Dylan McCray & Demetris Grigoropoulos

Total 20 shooters, after two rounds at marked distances the names of six archers left standing they then competed at unmarked distances.

Mike Orlic
Mark William's
Rich Bauman
Joe Grandone
Demetris Grigoropoulos
Jeff Staler

The Last 3 archers standing

Demetris Grigoropoulos
Rich Bauman
Mike Orlick

Lastman Standing - Demetris Grigoropoulos winner of LMS Custom knife & sheath + money

2nd Place - Rich Bauman winner Custom Arrows + money

3rd Place - Mike Orlic winner 3D Target + money

Here are pictures of the 2 of the 3 winners of the Texas Wac Um shooting contest during the 26th Annual Whittingam Rendezvous ...

#1 -TANJ Custom Logo Arm Guard
Pat Donnellan it was donated by Bo Collins of Dream Maker Leather Works.

#2- The arrowhead neck piece won by Rob Baldino
This beautiful neck piece is knapped from "Horsecreek Chert" prized for it's color. It is then mounted onto a piece of weathered antler tine. The beads are antler spaced with brass sphere beads. The cordage is B50 18 strand bowstring done in brown and gold Donated by Warpath Archery

Last night I started to receive text on my phone about the weather and impending snow storm? Cabin Fever is On! Not one snowflake fell last night and this morning at Black Knight in Jackson NJ Flatlander Country.

On Sunday it will not start snowing until very late in the afternoon around 5 p.m. by then we will all be home getting ready to sit down to warm Sunday supper.

Both BKB and TANJ 3D set up crew cant wait, we are all set to go! The only reason we can"t see why you will not make it to the shoot is that you did not want to get out a bed!


We just want you to be careful on our tree stand steps and on Range A walking down some hills since some wood may be slippery we appreciate and take your time. This is a fun shoot!

NO fresh snow as you can see!

See you tomorrow,
Doc DeCaro

Rich Lopez
Cabin Fever
Co-Chairmen at large

Santo Amano

Hi Brothers and Sisters of the bow

The TANJ Cabin Fever Shoot (open to everyone) was scheduled for this Sunday but has been re-scheduled to next Sunday, March 3, 2019, due to the forecast of heavy rain and strong winds. We will need help on that Saturday March 2nd on setting up the 3D range with the animals.

As TANJ (Past President), and as I've always stated about the Outstanding Cabin Fever at Black Knights ...

"It is always a great event and if you have never been to this range you are in for a treat."

Cassandra - another TANJ member circa November 2018.
Sent in by her proud Grandpa Sal, who is a loyal TANJ member.

TANJ WaXoBe St Judes 3D Classic

On Saturday August 4th 2018, TANJ council members Rich Lopez and Shoot Coordinator Gerry DeCaro taught the art of archery during the Jerry Zimmerman NWTF Chapter of their annual JAKES Youth Day.

Sunday July 15,2018 at the 24th Annual Big Foot TANJ held our 22nd Annual Last Man Standing Traditional Event.Even though it was a overcast very rainy day everyone wanted to compete and enjoyed themselves .What a great day it turned out to be.

We like to thank TANJ members Lance Blake of Taylor Fence and Horace Eckman for their kind monetary donations that was awarded to the top 3 winners again this year.

The Traditional Archers of NJ wanted something very special for the 2018 Last Man Standing so they sought out master knife artisan Dylan McRae megaugy@gmail.com 856-266-5484 and Warpath Archery www.etsy.com/shop/WarpathArchery to team up on creating an amazing piece of art. The LMS knife was meticulously hand crafted by Dylan McRae from differentially tempered 1085 steel. The grip is green tiger maple and feels like part of your hand. The custom cedar arrow by Warpath Archery is fletched with wild turkey feathers and the razor-sharp flint arrow head is precision mounted with pine pitch glue and wrapped in whitetail backstrap sinew. This 145 gr. arrow totally is functional with a 60-65# spine. The stand features whitetail antler mounted on a piece of pignut hickory. The prop is wild almond burl. The sheath, finished in snakeskin, lays perfectly flat on your hip.

Thank You,
Jon Schraff
TANJ President

Phil, Tom , Last Man cochairman Rich (Doc 2) Lopez , Ron winner, Joe Yeno co chairman, Kreesan , Joe & Sue

Dylan McRae Master knife artisan who handcrated the knife

New TANJ Council member Rich Lopez took third place in the IBO Long Bow Division. He was paired and shot with many IBO Champions. They almost shot perfect scores - not in their league yet, but placing third is not at all bad for the first time!

Rich, we tip our back quiver to you!

~ Doc

TANJ Cabin Fever 2018

Hi TANJ members and friends of the bow

We have been watching the weather and this past Tuesday and Wednesday the weather channel programs stated severe rainstorms over this weekend especially this Sunday. Are they ever right, but we needed to make a decision before it was too late to cancel and get the word out.

We know everyone always came out in the snow but when it comes to severe rain as we all know our feathers & quivers and rain just not a good mix. So we made a decision to change the date until next Sunday March 4th since it was open on the BKB calendar and TANJ also.

In the past 23 years we have never ever cancelled a Cabin Fever event,even when it snowed a few feet but this is the1st time because they are calling for rain and not snow.

We hope to see everyone next weekend and we need help on Saturday March 3rd setting up the 3-D targets 8:30 a.m.10 a.m.

Our Long Sleeve Cabin Fever Dijon colored shirts have arrived. they are great looking and these you can wash and dry them forever they do will not shrink, we hope lol

So when you arrive next Sunday and register and sign the 2018 BKB insurance waiver take a minute to your purchase a shirt because after they are sold out we will not be reordering until next year.

Doc DeCaro
Traditional Archers of New Jersey
Past President At Large

2018 Trad Archery Shoots & Events - check it out!

Hi fellow TANJ members, I had this guy come in yesterday (Nov 11th) the peak rut week, around 3pm. He finally gave me a 25 yd shot and I took it. Unfortunately the arrow clipped a branch and hit him a little higher than I would like. I watched him walk off around 50 yds and bed. At dark my worst fear he got up and walked outta sight. Got out of my tree stand. I made the decision to return in the am. At 7:30am I picked up the trail and found him 20 yds from where I saw him last. My buck was taken on 11/11/17 in Zone 9 with my Black Widow MB, gold tip clarbon arrow 35/55, with Stinger 150 grain Broadhead at 25 yds. It was about a 70 yd next day recovery. 👍

~ Pete LeMasson

TANJ & WaXoBe senior member Pierre shot an incredible 1000+ score to take 1st place Barebow championship at Bloomfield NFAA tournament over the last past weekend . Here is our hero caught taking a break from the hot weather over the two days. Back in the 60's he helped me get hooked on Traditional archery and was a AA class shooter back then when we were members of Comanche Bowmen, Brooklyn N.Y. and until this day still a great traditional archer - no sights just pure instinctive and still helping to mentor many of our youth.

~ Doc

Caftans and Quivers: An Archery Competition 500 Years in the Making

Obissoquoit TANJ March Madness Sunday March 12 2017

TANJ member Capt Jack Fleischmann killed an 8 point buck on 10/11/16 with a 1973 Browning Wasp 45#, 3 Rivers Archery Traditional Only Shaft tipped with a 125gr Magnus Stinger Buzzcut broadhead, all at a distance of only 8 yards from a 15 foot treestand! Congrats Capt!!!

TANJ Members Annual Holiday Sale

We have an overstock of TANJ merchandise for sale:

T-Shirt, Long- Sleeve Shirts with Arrow down left sleeve
Camo hats (wire brim and baseball caps, Truck decals
Custom Carbon arrow wraps.

These would make great Christmas gifts and or stocking stuffers for you, your family and friends.

Just email me or contact me. (see below)TANJ merchandise cannot be bought on our website or payment of dues!

Light Blue T--Shirts ( $15) -Now $10 + Shipping ($5)

Grey Long Sleeve with Arrow down left sleeve - ( $22-) Now $17+ shipping ($5)

Camo Wire Brim Hats -( $20) -Now $15 + Shipping ($5)

Baseball Hats -( $15) - Now $12- Shipping ($5)

TANJ Custom Wraps - $12 free shipping !

Gerry "Doc" DeCaro
email- dadocman47@gmail.com
cell - (732) 673-2065
home - (732) 957-1960

TANJ member Joe Agosta ~ First Traditional Harvest

62 " Raptor signature longbow 45# at 28 inches. Joe shoots with tab split finger, 1816 aluminum arrows tipped with 150 grain Grizzly Broadhead. 12 yard shot perfect broadside from a treestand Joe told me it really pays to take the time and bare shaft tune. That arrow went right through both lungs and did not go far. He going home and making his first Deer Heart Dinner!

To TANJ members and Friends of the Bow

My brother Frank DeCaro passed away Sunday Oct 9th after a courageous battle with cancer. He was a Navy Veteran and retired NYC Police Officer. He was so proud as a Veteran and serving his country during the Vietnam Era and serving the people of the City of New York. He also worked after the WTC 9/11 bombing, helping with the clean up, as many retired officers did.

Cusimano & Russo Funeral Home
2003 West 6th St
Brooklyn NY 11223

"There is no other love like a love for a brother,
and no other love like a love from a brother"

Gerry DeCaro
20 Spruce Drive
Middletown NJ 07748

Diemetri, Doc & Effie + 1 Photobombing Redneck lol? at Garden State Archery Range and Club

2nd Annual TANJ / WaxoBe St Jude Childrens Research Hospital 3D Classic

1st Place Traditional TANJ & BKB member Joe Yost. He amazingly just started 5 months ago and shoots at least 5 days a week since then - rain, shine even during the last few weeks in that extreme heat at the Black Knight Range.

We are so proud of Joe!

~ Doc.

T.A.N.J. made a donation to the Readington TWP PBA 317 at their 4th Annual 3-D event. It was held at Pickell Park, Whitehouse Station, NJ. What a great group running the event with Traditional and Compound stakes a numerous 3-D animals spread over acres of land, one outstanding event. The PBA 317 offers one of the best 3-D souvenir t-shirts of any event in N.J. with an outsanding lunch and souvenir giveaways included all in the registration fee. Saturday during their trohpy shoot 3 TANJ members took home the gold and trophies for 1st, 2nd & 3rd place in the Traditional class. TANJ supports our PBA "Brothers and Sisters in Blue". God Bless Them All.

Your TANJ helps ...

Last Man Standing

July 17th 2016, Black Knight Bowbenders, hosted by the Traditional Archers of New Jersey

"The Spartans of the Stickbow Crew "

Big Foot Lastman Standing Winners
Sunday July 17th 2016 at Black Knights

Ray Iglesias 1st Place
Dave Wolfe 2nd Place
Frank Burdi 3rd Place

TANJ / UBNJ members and Friends of the Bow If anyone can volunteer even for a few hours please call Jimmy Cuevas direct he and his kids are good friend's of TANJ

Doc DeCaro

For the past nine years, TANJ along with WaXoBe has supported the North Jersey Navigators and their athletic endeavors. Jimmy Cuevas, the coach of the Navigators has asked us to forward the following to our members:

Hi Everyone,

This year I'm the meet director for the Tri-State Wheelchair and Ambulatory Games. We are in need of volunteers to help at the games.

The games will take place at Pascack Valley High School in Hillsdale, NJ and will be held Memorial Day Weekend, May 27 - 29, 2016.

All volunteers must be at least 15 years old. Please spread the word about this volunteering opportunity. Volunteers don't need to know the rules to do any of the volunteer jobs. Volunteers will gain an appreciation for the diversity of each athlete and the unique abilities they contribute to the games.

We are in need of additional volunteers for the following time slots on Saturday, May 28.

Archery: 7:30am - 10:30am
Ambulatory Field: 10:00am - 12 noon
Ambulatory and Seated Field: 12 noon - 5:30pm
Below is a description of the volunteers tasks:

Field Pit Assistants: Volunteers will retrieve implements, assist with measuring, and mark where the implements landed. Volunteers do not need prior experience. There will be a certified official to run the field pit and make any needed official calls.

Runners: Posting results immediately following the completion of a race. Deliver infraction sheets from corner officials on the track to the finish line.

Archery: Will retrieve arrows between rounds and score points.

Pickers Finish Line: In the long distance events, each person will be assigned to an athlete. They keep track of how many laps they have done and let the bell ringer and the athlete know. In the shorter distance races, they keep track of the order in which athletes crossed the line.

Please let me know (at 551.655.4176 or email to jcuevas1969@comcast.net) your desired time slot.

If you are able to recruit volunteers please email their contact information or have them reach out to me to ensure the desired times slots are assigned properly and confirmed.

As usual, your support will be greatly appreciated!!

Coach Rob Causton and his Championship Oxford Central Middle School NASP Archery team outside the National Archery in the Schools Championship Event in Kentucky May 2016.

The Traditional Archers of N.J. and the United Bowhunters of N.J. have proudly sponsored this Oxford NASP Team since 2002.

Bear Archery traditional bow enthusiasts:

Get your personalized autographed copy of the 2nd edition of the new book "Bear Archery Traditional Bows: A Chronological History" at the very competitive price of $25.00 (+ $3.50 shipping). Just message the author here: jlcoppen@comcast.net

2016 Baltimore Classic

Doc and the Floyd Bennett Archers from Brooklyn, NY

New TANJ members Arlo and Dad Joe

Bill Davison sports his new TANJ logo tattoo! wow!

Dorie Tully

Mike Pat Mike Dorie


TANJ Council member Santo Armano donated a bow to Jadynn at Whittingham . Jadynn's Dad is member of the Appalachian Bowmen of Sussex County.

At the 24th Annual Whittingham Traditional Rendezvous TANJ held a Aimee Hrehowsik Family Fund Drive. As you know Aimee passed away this past January at 39 years of age after a losing a courageous battle with cancer.

They prizes were a Bowers custom envraved Silver Stag Knife, a Basket of Cheer and Hope, a Byron Furguson Autographed Arrow & Fred Eichler video.

Here are pictures of the winners of the 1st and 2nd prizes.

1st- A Silver Stag Custom Engraved Knife donated by Irene Bowers -won by Attila Fercenz.

2nd - The Basket of Outstanding Cheer and Hope donated by the "Gutyankers" - won by Tom Phillips.

We would like to thank everyone who has donated over the last three 3D TANJ events to support Aimee's family which include her husband Ryan (TANJ secretary ) and his 3 young children who are ages 7, 9 and 15. They will always be in our prayers.

We will have other fundraisers throughout the year at various TANJ sponsored 3-D events to continue our support of Ryan and his boys.


Today I was humbled to be presented with a beautiful personalized custom Silver Stag knife from the Traditional Archers of New Jersey at their annual meeting which was held at the 24th Annual Whittingham Traditional Rendezvous. They even captured a fly fishing element for me. All the artwork on the knife was done by Irene Bowers.

Thank you,
Jim Ellis Jr

The new TANJ embroidered camo baseball & knit hats can
only be purchased at a TANJ sponsored 3-D event!

Don't wait!

Only $15 each!

These will be available starting this weekend at the Whittingham Traditional Rendezvous April 22nd -24th.


The TANJ Traditional Archers of New Jersey & FBA Floyd Bennett Archers donated over $100 worth of canned food to the Hunters Helping the Hungry Food Bank at Black Knights

A few weeks ago Frank Florio and his members donated bows and arrows from the Floyd Bennett Archery Club during my visit to Brooklyn to shoot with my original archery club and friends. I returned home and donated them to Mike Tully of GutYankers the next day how to fix up and hand out to some needy child and continue to keep lit the flame of archery.


"My daughter and myself are new to the archery. We joined the county range in union county at the oak-ridge park . We ran into Mike Tully and his wife and they gave us free arrows for my daughter . This was a nice surprise for us, she only had 2 arrows to start with. She was was so thrilled to have them, in fact she did so well shooting today it made me so happy. What a nice organization you have . Its people like yourselves that make the difference. Thank you so much ..."

We, the Traditional Archers of New Jersey, are proud to sponsor our "Team TANJ" - Santo Armano & Jon Scharff - at the upcoming TAS World Championship.

Good luck guys, and bring home the Title and Buckle!

Proud President,
Doc DeCaro.

Happy Ending to the "Lost Bow" story!

Bill Piagio of BKB hands Tucker Bowling his “lost” bow which slid off his dads truck after the Cabin Fever shoot! The bow was found in the road and returned by
Rich Youmans owner of Complete Masonry of Jackson (732-928-3264)
Yes --- That was a plug!

Dad, Scott Bowling, wrote -"To everyone in the Black Knight Bowbenders and the CJAN community. Tucker's bow was found and I am picking it up on Saturday. It was found by a homeowner in Jackson, and returned to a member. I thank everyone for taking some time to help with everything. You all have a friend in me. I will most positively bringing Tucker to shoot with all of you guys many times in the future, I also owe a huge thanks to Warpath Archery for making such a wonderful bow in the first place."

Thanks, Rich Youmans, Scott Bowling, and one Happy Tucker!

TANJ Cabin Fever February 28th, 2016 - over 163 shooters!

Click for Images!

2/21/2016 ~ TANJ meets up with the FBA

On Sunday February 21st,2106 I went back to my old Brooklyn Archery Range and met with the FBA members (Floyd Bennett Archers) What a good time we had flinging arrows with some great friends and many TANJ members at my first club that I joined back in the 1970's.

Many are TANJ members and they were warming up for our Cabin Fever Shoot Sunday February 28th at Black Knights.

Frank Florio handed me a trunk full of older bows for Mike Tully and the GutYankers donated by FBA for the kids.

Mike T and his crew will now refurbished them up and hand them out in the near future to families you can't afford to purchase archery equipment for their kids.


TANJ and Friends of the Bow

TANJ is back at Obissquasoit downSouth NJ .. We are proud to announce that we are again the cosponsors along with Obiss with our combined 3rd Annual March Madness "Traditional Only 3D Swap and Shoot ".

Yes you read it right -its one of the few events where we tell everyone leave the wheels at home and bring the stickbows along with your wood, carbon and aluminum arrows and "lets have some fun" !!

One of the best 3-D ranges in N.J. Indoor Kitchhen! What a layout ! Great Food! Great People !

Plenty of Games throughout the day and a mega Swap Meet !

We always draws a huge crowd.We again like to thank Obiss TANJ members Pete & Dave Onesti and his crew for hosting another great event.

The second flyer attached speaks for itself the R100 but you must preregister so if you you decide to " snooze you will loose" ! First time in N.J. spots are filling up fast. Look at the Obiss FaceBook Page.

TANJ will be at both Obiss events in force.

web page - www.Obiss.org

See you in a few weeks!

Gerry "Doc" DeCaro
El Presidente
Traditonal Archers of New Jersey
(732) 673 2065

This year our 22nd Cabin Fever which will be held at Black Knights TANJ will have 2 different styles of Long Sleeve Cabin Fever shirts available for sale from Med up to XXXL.

So when you register please don't forget to pick up your shirt they will be no reorders.

We will have new custom camo baseball hats and camo knit hats for sale along with our Man Walking & Broadhead Deer logo decals along with our great selling arrows for your truck and smaller decals for your compact car back windows.

It's also a swap meet so don't forget to bring stuff for sale barter or to purchase.

See you next at Cabin Fever next Sunday February 28th!

TANJ 5 Game Dinner Raffle Bows and Jorge Coppen's Bear Bows Book

All bows are refinished to near mint condition with all new 18 strand Flemish strings that include rubber string silencers, arrow nocking points and arrow rest.

1. Right Hand - Browning Nomad Stalker, 1960's, 55#, 52"
2. Right Hand - Bear Kodiak Magnum, 1973, 38#, 52"
3. Right Hand - Hoyt Pro Hunter, 1970's, 45#, 58"
4. Right Hand - Howatt Hunter, 1970's, 50#, 62"
5. Left Hand - Bear Kodiak Magnum - 1968, 45#, 52"

1. Right Hand - Browning Nomad Stalker, 1960's, 55#, 52"
2. Right Hand - Bear Kodiak Magnum, 1973, 38#, 52"
3. Right Hand - Hoyt Pro Hunter, 1970's, 45#, 58"
4. Right Hand - Howatt Hunter, 1970's, 50#, 62"
5. Left Hand - Bear Kodiak Magnum - 1968, 45#, 52"

1946 Archery Tournament Poster

For those clueless about ARCHERY
(and we do mean YOU, Crosman Corporation),
and for the unfortunately gullible non-archery public ...

THIS is NOT a traditional archery bow, this is NOT a crossbow,
this is NOT any kind of bow,
this is a GUN ...

On behalf of TANJ, and to better jog Crosman's thinking back to reality,
THESE are traditional archery bows ...

And THIS is a crossbow ...

The Real RobinHood

George Sappah TANJ Treasurer aka Robin the Hood smiling because of the 2016 TANJ dues checks being received.

Did you mail your dues in yet?

New Dues ...

$20 Individual
$40 Family
$5 Junior
$300 Life


Friends of the Bow

Jorge Coppen, TANJ magazine editor, has his book now out on Amazon. I just received a copy and you will love it. Many pages of facts and information on all the Bear bows, with hundreds of pictures. If you own just one Bear bow you have to purchase this book. It's a must read for all Bear Bow collectors, and those of you would like to be in the future. Just go to Amazon by just clicking on the link below:

Don Manchur harvested a nice wide 4 pointer on Public Land at 10 Mile Run NJ

Angelo Christiano, Ontario Pope and Young Moose, Stotler Longbow
Story to follow soon ...

On Sunday January 3rd, 2016 TANJ member & UBNJ magazine editor Mark Dreyfus harvested this NJ 7 pointer in late afternoon. He was hunting with an original Herters Sitka 62" 45# bow that he just purchased only a few months ago, a sweet fast & quiet bow. Mark is the assistant Scout Master of Troop 34 from Jackson that TANJ has hosted at Whittingham for the last 3 years. It did not take him long to take up traditional bowhunting and harvest a deer. Congrats Mark!!!

Mike Bush, owner of Mountain Mike's, wearing his new TANJ shirt!
Nice form, "stick bow traditional perfect".

Traditional Harvest

TANJ Treasurer George Sappah scored big time during his Christmas vacation,
taking a hog down in Florida using his own home made self bow.

Fellow deer hunters, our voice needs to be heard! We are conducting a survey about the direction of deer management in the State of New Jersey.

Many members of the United Bowhunters of NJ and other fellow deer hunters have been providing feedback regarding multiple concerns pertaining to the direction of deer management in NJ.

As the voice of the State's bowhunters, we want to obtain feedback from all deer hunters and use the results to open a dialogue With the Division of Fish and Wildlife and the Fish and Game council regarding the future of deer management.

Please take a moment and take the survey. Click on this link to open the survey esurv.org/online-survey.php?survey_ID=LLHILF_b6c3fccd or go to www.ubnj.org

Thank You!

John Erndl

President UBNJ

Please take the survey.

Many TANJ members and friends of the bow are saying that they like to voice their opinion on NJ direction on N.J. deer management program, well here is your chance!

Take the Survey now!!!! Feel free to share this link with your fellow hunters.


New TANJ member Ed Andia shot a turkey at 3:30pm - just in time for his families Thanksgiving Dinner!

Miss Amanda after only five lessons with a traditional recurve at Mountain Mikes Sports Shop shot a Robin Hood!

Let's keep the flame burning in our youth - "They are our Future"!

This buck was taken in Solebury Township, PA, shot by TANJ new member Santo Armano with his new 60" Dryad Epic Longbow. He used 3Rivers Traditional Only 500 spine full length shafts. Broadhead used was a 125gr. Mantack G5 Stainless, with 100 grain Top Hat insert. Santo is also a avid 3D shooter and travels to many events, an expert shot with his Longbow.

TANJ member Capt Jack Fleischman harvested a nice buck using the Allegheny Mountain bow he won at the TANJ/WAXOBE St.Jude shoot in Sept. This fine bow is 60" long and draws 45lbs. The arrows were built with 3 Rivers Traditional Only shafts and Steel Force two blade broadheads.

TANJ ~ WAXOBE ~ ST JUDE 3D SHOOT ~ Sept. 20, 2015

The winner of the TANJ ~ WaXoBe 1st Annual St.Jude 3D Bow was TANJ/BKB member Captain Jack Fleischman. Jack was in Florida at his daughters Wedding when called, he was very surprised and could not wait to pick up his new bow when he returns later this week.

Mixing it up a bit and playing with front stuffers at the Layton, NJ, muzzleloading gun range.

World famous archer Byron Ferguson and Jersey famous TANJ president Doc Decaro!


BIGFOOT 2015 - Last Man Standing!

Hunting Alert! Contact Governor Christie Now!

Please complete the form on the below link. This is a good bill and we need to get the Governor to sign it.

Thank You,
Gerry Doc DeCaro

To all outdoorsmen and women:

NJOA CF council members are pleased to announce that New Jersey’s Senate and Assembly
passed with overwhelming support Bills S573/A2443, “Apprentice Firearm Hunting License
and Apprentice Bow and Arrow License”.

The NJOA CF supported Bill, “Apprentice Firearm Hunting License and Apprentice Bow and
Arrow License” provides for the safe and responsible stewardship of New Jersey’s natural resources.

Contact Governor Christie and ask him to sign the Bill into law. It is not only good public
policy, but also helps protect the future of hunting for current and future generations!

Here's a NJOA link with a prewritten letter that can be sent by email (or printed and mailed) to Governor Christie ~


Also, we've listed below some facts and figures for your consideration.

Anthony P. Mauro, Sr
New Jersey Outdoor Alliance (CF)


Bills S573/A2443, “Apprentice Firearm Hunting License and Apprentice Bow and Arrow License”
allow for any person 21 years age and holding a regular license for firearm or bow and arrow
hunting, to be a mentor for an apprentice above 14 years of age. The apprentice must purchase
an apprentice license, but would not be required to complete the safety course. Thirty-three states
currently sell Apprentice or Mentored Hunting Licenses. Two states adopted the alternative approach
of simply lowering minimum hunting ages.

The bill would limit the number of times a person may be issued a given type of apprentice license
to twice in a lifetime. The mentor is subject to all penalties for violations committed by the apprentice
while under his or her direct supervision.

The licenses would expire on December 31 of the year of issue.

More information:
People 14 years and older can hunt in NJ – unsupervised – with the hunter safety course.
This bill will allow those 14 years and older to hunt supervised.

Most hunters are introduced to hunting by a parent. Currently, hunters ages 25-54—adults likely to
have children mature enough to be introduced and mentored in hunting—represent a large proportion,
64 percent, of hunters. Parents should be free to decide when their children are mature enough for
hunting. Bill S573/A2443 has set the age at 14 years-of-age (in many states the age is 10), with a

mentor of at least 21 years-of-age..

“Supervised” adult and youth hunters are “especially safe”. National statistics show that young hunters,
particularly those supervised by an attentive parent or other responsible adult, compose a fraction of
the hunting-related firearms incidents that occur each year. Researchers found that most youth hunter
incidents occurred in the absence of an adult.

Roll Call:
Votes in Senate and Assembly on Bills S573/A2443, “Apprentice Firearm Hunting License and Apprentice
Bow and Arrow License”


Addiego, Dawn Marie – Yes
Allen, Diane B. – Yes
Barnes, Peter J., III - Yes
Bateman, Christopher – No
Beach, James – Yes
Beck, Jennifer - Yes
Bucco, Anthony R. – Yes
Cardinale, Gerald – Yes
Codey, Richard J. - Not Voting
Connors, Christopher J. – Yes
Cruz-Perez, Nilsa – Yes
Cunningham, Sandra B. - Yes
Doherty, Michael J. – Yes
Gill, Nia H. - Not Voting
Gordon, Robert M. - Yes
Greenstein, Linda R. - Not Voting
Holzapfel, James W. – Yes
Kean, Thomas H., Jr. - Yes
Kyrillos, Joseph M., Jr. – Yes
Lesniak, Raymond J. – Yes
Madden, Fred H., Jr. - Yes
O'Toole, Kevin J. – Yes
Oroho, Steven V. – Yes
Pennacchio, Joseph - Yes
Pou, Nellie - Not Voting
Rice, Ronald L. – Yes
Ruiz, M. Teresa - Not Voting
Sacco, Nicholas J. – Yes
Sarlo, Paul A. – Yes
Scutari, Nicholas P. - Yes
Singer, Robert W. – Yes
Smith, Bob – Yes
Stack, Brian P. - Not Voting
Sweeney, Stephen M. – Yes
Thompson, Samuel D. - Not Voting
Turner, Shirley K. - Not Voting
Van Drew, Jeff – Yes
Vitale, Joseph F. – Yes
Weinberg, Loretta - Yes
Whelan, Jim - Yes


Andrzejczak, Bob - Yes
Angelini, Mary Pat - Yes
Auth, Robert - YesBenson, Daniel R. - Yes
Bramnick, Jon M. - Yes
Brown, Chris A. - Yes
Brown, Christopher J. - Not Voting
Bucco, Anthony M. - Yes
Burzichelli, John J. - Yes
Caputo, Ralph R. - Yes
Caride, Marlene - Yes
Carroll, Michael Patrick - Yes
Casagrande, Caroline - Yes
Ciattarelli, Jack M. - Yes
Clifton, Robert D. - Yes
Conaway, Herb, Jr. - Yes
Coughlin, Craig J. - Yes
Dancer, Ronald S. - Yes
Danielsen, Joe - Yes
DeAngelo, Wayne P. - Yes
DeCroce, BettyLou - Yes
DiMaio, John - Yes
Diegnan, Patrick J., Jr. - Yes
Egan, Joseph V. - Not Voting
Eustace, Tim - YesFiocchi,
Samuel L. – Yes
Fuentes, Angel - Yes
Garcia, Carmelo G. - Yes
Giblin, Thomas P. - Yes Gove,
DiAnne C. - Yes
Green, Jerry - Yes
Greenwald, Louis D. - Yes
Gusciora, Reed - Yes
Handlin, Amy H. - Yes
Holley, Jamel C. - Yes
Jasey, Mila M. - Yes
Jimenez, Angelica M. - Yes
Johnson, Gordon M. - Yes
Kean, Sean T. - Yes
Lagana, Joseph A. - Yes
Lampitt, Pamela R. - Yes
Mainor, Charles - Yes
Mazzeo, Vincent - Yes
McGuckin, Gregory P. - Yes
McHose, Alison Littell - Yes
McKeon, John F. - Yes
Moriarty, Paul D. - Yes
Mosquera, Gabriela M. - Yes
Mukherji, Raj - Yes
Munoz, Nancy F. - Yes
Muoio, Elizabeth Maher - Yes
O'Donnell, Jason - Yes
O'Scanlon, Declan J., Jr. - Yes
Oliver, Sheila Y. - Yes
Peterson, Erik - Yes
Pinkin, Nancy J. - Yes
Pintor Marin, Eliana - Yes
Prieto, Vincent - Yes
Quijano, Annette - Yes
Rible, David P. - Yes
Rodriguez-Gregg, Maria - Yes
Rumana, Scott T. - Yes
Rumpf, Brian E. - Yes
Russo, David C. - Yes
Schaer, Gary S. - Yes
Schepisi, Holly - Not Voting
Simon, Donna M. - Yes
Singleton, Troy - Yes
Space, Parker - Yes
Spencer, L. Grace - Not Voting
Stender, Linda - Yes
Sumter, Shavonda E. - Yes
Taliaferro, Adam J. - Yes
Tucker, Cleopatra G. - Yes
Vainieri Huttle, Valerie - Yes
Webber, Jay - Yes
Wilson, Gilbert L. - Yes
Wimberly, Benjie E. - Yes
Wisniewski, John S. - Yes
Wolfe, David W. - Yes


As you may know, sometime in the last month 14 Reinhart 3-D Targets were stolen from the Black Knights range and Club, in Jackson NJ, earlier this month. Here's a list of what 3-D Targets were stolen. Please contact us if you see on any on EBay, Craig's List, TradGang, Stickbow , NJ Hunter, and any archery or hunting related websites, or in the newspapers for sale.

Leopard on rock
Razorback boar

Bedded goat
Mountain lion
Lg. Deer
Red fox
Bedded gray sheep
The Jackson Police and the BKB club are working off of some possible good leads.

The Black Knights , the Traditional Archers of NJ & the United Bowhunters of NJ are now offering a $1,500 cash reward for information leading to the return of our targets and the arrest and conviction of the thief/thieves.


IF YOU HAVE ANY idea who made have taken them PLEASE CONTACT ...

Gerry DeCaro @ 732 673 2065

ROGER DEAN @ 609-713-2701

BUD THOMAS @ 609-529-4152


Lest catch these people!

Thank You,
Gerry "Doc" DeCaro
Black Knight Trustee
UBNJ Youth Event Coordinator


Sometime in the last week, 14 Reinhart 3-D Targets were stolen from the BKB range. We are reviewing our trail cameras and might have images that could help in the recovery. The Jackson Police and the club are working off of some possible good leads. The Black Knights are offering a $1,000 cash reward for information leading to the return of our targets and the arrest and conviction of the thief. If the targets are returned or dropped off at a location where we can recover them unharmed by Thursday June 4th we will not press charges. The thief could possibly be the same person who stole the Bow Press and maybe even the signage that disappeared last year.



ROGER DEAN @ 609-713-2701 OR BUD THOMAS @ 609-529-4152


The Annual Trad Gang St. Jude's Hospital Auction

Since 2005, Trad Gang has hosted an auction to raise money for the St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. This hospital and research center is unlike any other pediatric treatment and research facility. Discoveries made here have completely changed how the world treats children with cancer and other catastrophic diseases. With research and patient care under one roof, St. Jude is where some of today's most gifted researchers are able to do science more quickly.

Trad Gang members put up items for auction, will all proceeds going directly to pediatric cancer research - no middle people, direct to where it will help the kids out immediately. To date, this annual Trad Gang auction has raised nearly one million dollars - we hope to break that mark with this year's auction.

A lot of the auction items are truly Top Shelf, with bows, archery tackle, knives, leather gear, hunt gear, clothing, jewellery, food, and LOTS of other cool stuff that even includes actual hunts up for auction bidding!

It's easy to bid on items. First, join Trad Gang - it's free with no strings attached (well, except for your trad bowstring :) - login, scroll down a bit to see the St. Jude Auction banner, click on HERE, that will take you to the St Jude Auction Forum, login with your Trad Gang login, check out all four bid forums, pick out an item, make a reply post with your bid amount. Some of the deals are just awesome, but remember that this is ALL for the KIDS, so bid often and bid high!

Contact Rob if you need assistance in joining Trad Gang or logging into the forums or bidding at the auction.

Bid forums are NOW OPEN for bidding!

The BID forums CLOSE June 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th at 10:00 PM - bids must be time stamped 9:59pm to count!

Sunday June 7th TANJ 3D Garden State Archers

Come Join in the fun

Open to all Traditional and Compound shooters

That's right two separate ranges will be open one for each bow group

Raffle drawing for Irene Bowers prints monies being donated to our Wounded Warriors

God Bless Our Troops

See attached flyers

Doc DeCaro
Traditional Archers of NJ

Youth Event Coordinator UBNJ

Shooters Sporting Center

September 2015 will be our second Anniversary of Shooters being open and we have been trying to figure out what to do to celebrate. We have decided to host a hunters weekend August 8th and 9th (Saturday and Sunday)! Byron Ferguson will be doing 2 expeditions per day during the event.

We will also have many manufactures present. (Hoyt, Mathews, Bear Archery, Elite, Bowtech, Antler Ice) There will be sidewalk sales, and many in-store sales going on that weekend, not just archery, firearms and clothing too.

We also offer archery birthday party 's here at Shooters. For $250.00 you child can have 15 of their friends enjoy two hours of archery fun. I have included the flyer for that also.

Shooters also offers private and group lessons from Level 2 Certified Archery Instructors. $60.00 per hour for an individual lesson or for up to 4 persons.

Please let me know if you want anymore information. Also, I will keep you up to date on information in the event as I get it!

Thank you,
Rachael Hicks
Archery Shop Manager

Shooters Sporting Center
1535 Rt. 539
Little Egg Harbor, NJ 08087

TANJ member Dorie Tully, wife of Gutyanker Mike T, attended her first camp away 3D shoot, attending the Baltimore Classic this past May 16th & 17th weekend. At the end of the day she made this 50 yard 10x ring shot with her new longbow and cannot wait for her next 3D shoot.

Archery Wheelchair Competitions needs our help ...
"Hi Doc,

The dates of the Handicap Archery Wheelchair competitions that we are in need of volunteers are as follows:

(all volunteers should arrive at least one (1) hour prior to scheduled start times below)

Tri-State Games
Saturday May 23, 2015
9:00am - 12:30pm
Overpeck Park, Palisades Park, N.J.

National Junior Disability Championship (NJDC)
Sunday July 19, 2015
9;00am - 1:00pm

Monday July 20, 2015
1:00pm - 5:00pm

Union County Archery Range
Oak Ridge Park
Oak Ridge Road, Clark, N.J.

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Last week, two traditional recurve bows were donated to two students in need of archery equipment by the Gutyankers! The request was made to the Traditional Archers of New Jersey couple weeks ago, who then passed it on to the Gutyankers.

Who are these "Gutyanker" guys?

This is a question that we get quite a bit from our fellow archers. Well, the story behind the answer and funny name is really quite simple and serious in its goal.

It started 6 years ago during the Denton Hill ETAR, at the start of the worst recession since the 1930's (or was it a depression?). I will let you readers sort that out.

Five traditional archers, members of TANJ, were sitting around their camp fire and watching the shooters on the practice range "under the lights". They noticed the youth shooters were in greater attendance and speculated on the cost of a real vacation being out of reach this year for some folks and $4.00 per/gal gas at the pumps did not help.

Watching the future 3-D archers practicing their skills until the lights went out was fantastic! We felt sure that our way of life, hunting, shooting and family camping would continue unaffected by the pink slip tide in the outside world. We were wrong.

The flow of the range was off. You know what I mean - some kids shot an arrow or two then waited for others to shoot a full end of shafts or handed their bows to a second archer who shot one or two shots. The problem was obvious for the campfire observers. Too many kids and not enough basic equipment to go around! The recession had reached us.

For the next few days the conversation focused on the problem of youth archers subjected to the effects of Dad and Mom being out of work, single Moms and Dads trying to make ends meet and the poor condition of some of the bows and arrows being shot. The kids still had fun but where was the future in 3-D, Field and FITA if they out grew the old arrows and bows next year?

How many kids did not have a bow or arrows, but had a true desire to be with their friends on the 3-D line?

Someone said that when he watched the kids yanking back on the cat gut string of long bow, he remembered the joy of shooting his first stick bow so many years earlier. Yanking back a gut string? Hummmmmmmmmmm.

With that said, the five archers made a promise with a toast of spirits, and the shadows of an ETAR fire. No young archer will ever be denied our sport due to financial hardship at home. Period. So it started - moneys were collected and donated at the shoots from Garden State, Farmers, Black Knights, Bent Creek, Wa-XO-BE, Oak Ridge, Lincoln Park, Whittingham, Sawmill, Baltimore, ETAR and so many others.

Over the last 6 years over 40 sets of bows, arrows, gloves and arm guards have been given at Christmas, birthdays, and to just plain kids in need. We never solicit funds. If you believe as we do, watch for a brother archer wearing our pin on their hat or quiver at the shoots. Anything you do give will go directly to youth archery equipment and you get a hat pin with our logo.

If you know of a kid in need please pass the information to us or TANJ and we will make things happen! Hey, that's a Denton Hill promise!!

A group of great Traditional Archers that are members of The Traditional Archers of NJ.

Just like Robin Hood and his Merry Men always in the shadows, watching, waiting to help ...

... the Gutyankers!!!

Whittingham Texas Wac Um Winner

John Hoinowski Winner and Jeff Strauss (Allegheny Mtn Bowyer) ...

John - what form! He loves his new Alleghany Mtn 48# 62" Bow ...

Al Klenk, Doc, Jeff "FaFa" Strauss ...

Mothers Day Shoot ~ May 10th 2015

3-D Shoot and Swap Meet at the WaXoBe Archery Outdoor Range

53 Major Road, Monmouth Junction, N.J ~ www.waxobe.com for directions!

Registration opens 7:30 A.M ends 12:30 P.M.

Don’t forget as always Archery & Outdoor Flea Market Sale - Equipment to sell or barter at no charge, free to all! All Archers must register in order to shoot sell or barter!

TANJ Long Sleeve Black Shirts are back in stock!!!

New Light Green TANJ Broadhead/Deer/NJ Logo

T-Shirts New Item Big Seller & Camo Wire Brim Hats

WaXoBe will have their kitchen open for Breakfast & Lunch as always! Great food & Drink!

Gerry "Doc" DeCaro ~ 20 Spruce Drive, Middletown, NJ 07748
TANJ President ~ (732) 957 1960, home ~ (732) 673 2065, cell

This was at the SCFGPA Somerset County Fish and Game Protective Association Archery Range Bridgewater, N.J., with Range Officer John Zampini along with GutYanker Mike Tully and TANJ Doc DeCaro at their Youth Archery Day.

TANJ & the Appalachian Bowmen of Sussex County sponsored the 17 Scouts from Troop 34, Jackson throughout the Whittingham Traditional Rendezvous weekend along with our lender archery equipment.

We had special archery related classes over the weekend held by TANJ members Mike Tully, Phil Muller & myself. We like to thank TANJ member Mark Dreyfus Asst Scout Master for arranging and supervising the scouts the entire weekend making sure they were safe but most of all having a great time camping and learning the Art of Archery.

God Bless Our Youth They are Our Future!

Doc DeCaro
"Still President"

The Grand Prize for the Annual TANJ Texas Wac Um contest was an Allegheny Mtn. 60" Mountain Bow, Brown Action Wood Riser, Zebrawood Limbs, 48#@28". Value $450 which was donated by TANJ member Jeff Strauss.

The winner was John Hoinowski and over 134 archers were in the competition. All monies raised will be donated to the Handicap Olympic style games that will be held in Mid July at Oakwood NJ, in Union County.

The Archery competition event will be held on July 18th & 19th, 2015. They are expecting at least 500 handicap kids to compete from around the U.S. during the entire week.

Al Klenk, Doc DeCaro, Jeff (FaFa) Strauss posing with the Allegheny Mtn Bow that John Hoinowski won which was donated by Bowyer & Owner Jeff Strauss. Jeff has been donating a bow for our contest as the Grand Prize for the last 7 years.


Congratulations Doc & John!

Gerry "Doc" DeCaro and John Erndl were inducted into the NJ Bowhunters Hall of Fame at the 11th Annual Bowhunters Game Dinner last month. Doc is President of TANJ and John is President of UBNJ, and both are Members of Black Knight Bowbenders.

Doc's Handy Archery Tip #647

If you're having a problem with your screw-in arrow tip points becoming loose during your shooting, just use a little teflon pipe thread tape - cut half inch piece, wrap around thread, and screw back onto arrow ... and the problem is solved!

~ Doc.

Obiss has put all the TANJ/OBISS 2nd Annual March Madness day in a picture slide show. Thank You for a great time and pictures to - Howard Neide President Obissquasoit Bowmen & Pete Dave Onesti Charlie Meyers and all its members.

TANJ and Black Knight membership helped the Jackson & New Egypt Boy Scouts learn the Art of Archery for their "Arrow of Light" Ceremony. This is where the Cub Scouts cross over to Boy Scouts. It was held the Sunday right after the NJ Bowhunters Game Dinner at 10am. It was a great group of kids, and what we do is to support our youth. It was 4 hours of non stop fun. Bud Thomas & Gene Grodzki were the coordinators and did a great job.

Winners of TANJ/ OBISS March 29th March Madness Game
3D Deer Spot ~ Down Under ~ William Tell

11th Annual NJ Bowhunter's Game Dinner

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 photo IMG_5714524084869_zpslcvt1zdg.jpeg

 photo IMG_5701612349767_zpsuk2qnywc.jpeg

 photo 2015031495202722_zpsr3pzus21.jpg

 photo 20150314_171553_zpsprtrjqgw.jpg

 photo 20150314_205419_zpsfdrcwhdi.jpg

Dino Pagano's son Avery Pagano makes the Junior Dream Team consisting of the most promising junior and cadet Olympic archers in the country and now will attend Olympic Training Center. Story in the Rumson Patch and/or Monmouth Journal (March 6th). The Pagano family TANJ members shoot at the BKB all the time.

TANJ will support Avery!


 photo 20150308_120603_zpstzzkukwz.jpg

 photo 20150308_120550_zpsdzxum2m0.jpg


Mountain Mikes (Sig Borstads former shop) will take 25% OFF ANY IN-STOCK 3D AND ALL BAG TARGET FOR TANJ MEMBERS. This sale will be valid now till April 31st, 2015. Please bring your 2015 TANJ membership card.

Mountain Mikes
7 Old Rudetown
McAfree, NJ
Hours - 9am to 5pm
We are closed on Mondays
Cell, 862-266-2293.
Shop, 973 827 6527

Gerry "Doc" DeCaro

El Presidente

The Man, the Myth, and now ... the Legend!

Doc is featured on page 76 for Traditional Harvests in Traditional Bowhunter
magazine's April/May 2015 issue, and he wins the CRKT knife!

 photo 3dshoot_zpsjemljrt0.png

The Cabin Fever weekend was a blast!

On Saturday we had over 30 BKB & TANJ members show up for the pre Cabin Fever Work party and on Sunday many of the same folks came to shoot and to lend a hand. Despite the insane weather and snow we had 57 shooters on Sunday. It was cold but there was a nice break in the weather both Saturday and Sunday. The archery gods must like TANJ & BKB.

Mike Luster our chief cook and bottle washer took a triple header on the ice and dislocated his right shoulder on Saturday. Mike went in for surgery today (Tuesday). His Grandson Nick said he might need a rod and some screws to put him back together. Mike if you are reading this we wish you a speedy recovery.

Doc wanted to say Thanks to Mark Dreyfus and Scout Troop 34 from Jackson for their help on Saturday!

Doc Decaro & some of his TANJ Team holding court at the registration desk ...
 photo image009_zpsx58kbhkc.jpg

Early Sunday AM started really cold but the sun broke out and made it a balmy 30 degrees! ...
 photo image010_zpspfdboffo.jpg

 photo image002_zpsebrfapgn.jpg

 photo image011_zps2xqqeb2y.jpg

Mr. Roger "3-D" Dean, his bride Jen and daughter Olivia, along with his team of 3-D helpers, made sure the 3-D Range was "Top Notch" despite the snow and ice. Thank you! ...
 photo image004_zps4wwchjhe.jpg

Mike gives a thumbs up on the way to the hospital with his chauffer Ron Elison ...
 photo image013_zpsznqsparh.jpg

Ray Juarez and his team of BKB volunteers did a great job in the kitchen on Sunday serving up some world class chow! ...
 photo image014_zpsdu8ywd1u.jpg


Mandy Bonilla, a student of Unity College, Maine sent a few pictures earlier this year. Mandy was a former student from the Ocean County 4-H club that practiced at Black Knight Bowbenders (Jackson) in the past.

She now attends Unity College that provides dedicated, engaged students with a liberal arts education that emphasizes the environment and the natural resources.

A few years ago TANJ voted at our 2012 Annual members meeting at Whittingham to sponsor her with equipment, since she wanted to continue her love of archery when she entered college and they did not have any traditional equipment available.

Since then she and her room mate formed a traditional archery team that continues to practice at their indoor & outdoor ranges whenever she has time from her classes.

"Our Youth - they are our Future"

Doc DeCaro

 photo IMG_4542991239801_zpswam4nkvw.jpeg

At the notification and request of student Emma Bovair for assistance in setting up an NASP program, TANJ donated funds to the Sussex County Charter Technical School last month.

Thank you for the head's up, Emma!

 photo 2015_GameDinner_zps06ffd841.jpg