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Love these hybrid longbows, have had four, three are left, all are AMO 60" and 45# @ 28". Selling this one leaves me with a pair and that'll do nicely. Yeah yeah, made in CCP, I get it, but these bows are That Good. The bamboo limb cores are super smooth and exhibit good cast. The many hardwood laminate riser is cut a full 1/4" past centershot, so a wide variety of arrow spines will fly quite nicely. Max draw length listed is 31". I wound my own B55 string and added Bow Hush silencers. Added my own Vecro loop material arrow plate and rest. A solid hybrid R/D longbow - just add critters and yer good to go. Ships in original box and the bow parts will be well padded. This bow was never hunted or used afield, condition is like new. $135 shipped in the USA rfd@rfd.cc